Enterprising teen creates stunning gum wrapper prom dress

How you like me now, My Super Sweet Sixteen bitches?

While proms have become lavish displays of orange tinted skin excess in many areas, including trips to Cancun and approaching wedding like levels of conspicuous consumption, one adorable Iowan teenager made her coming of age frock out of blue and white gum wrappers. Elizabeth Rasmuson of Garner fashioned the wrappers from Wrigley’s “5” gum into a bodice for her dress and a matching vest for her date, Jordan Weaver.

Rasmuson’s DIY prom dress took some advance planning. The high school junior, who began saving the gum wrappers in August, was inspired by some of last year’s stunning duct tape prom dresses. She had a little help, too. Weaver says Rasmusen “bought a ton of gum and gave it out to friends and then would collect the wrappers back.” Since the wrappers are slightly fragile, Weaver added a vinyl top coat to fortify her bodice.