Edward Snowden Fired from Booz Allen

Edward Snowden, the 29 year old who leaked information about the NSA, has been fired by government contracter Booz Allen. In a statement to the media, Booz Allen confirmed that Snowden was employed for less than three months in Hawaii. The firm cited a violation of their code of ethics and overall policy as the reason for Snowden’s termination. The company also promised to work closely with clients and the authorities to investigate the leaks.

The statement also called into question Snowden’s actual salary with the firm. When speaking to The Guardian newspaper, Snowden claimed that he made $200,000. Booz Allen stated that he instead made $122,000. A source told an NBC News Reporter that Snowden was in fact ineligible for bonuses during his tenure.

The reason behind the difference is yet unknown.

Snowden’s location is also currently unknown. While his last known location was Hong Kong, a number of places have become potential havens for Snowden to seek asylum within. Back in the U.S, members of Congress and the Senate are to be briefed on the programs that were the subject of Snowden’s leaks. The last set of documents given to the Washington Post and Guardian newspapers were copied by Snowden three weeks ago. Snowden also has experience working with other contractors over the last four years.

With Snowden voluntarily identifying himself on Sunday, it is certain that the investigation into his claims, and Snowden himself, is just getting underway. The debate on privacy and security also has earned a fresh fuel source. Snowden cited his own self sacrifice in coming forth with leaked information.

Where do you stand on Snowden? Is he a champion of privacy rights, or a criminal?

[Image Via Softpedia]