US Embassy Attack In Kabul Reported

Update, 8:52 AM EST: The US Embassy attack in Kabul is now believed to have been a suicide bombing, and casualties have been reported but not confirmed.

According to local news sources on Twitter, the US Embassy attack was carried out by a suicide bomber in a Toyota Corolla or Land Cruiser, and witnesses say that the attacker targeted the parking lot of the high court, where buses were boarding in the late afternoon.

Witnesses say that several were killed in the US Embassy attack by the suicide bomber, that all of those killed were civilians, and that some of those killed were women. Al Jazeera reports that the attack in Kabul “killed or injured 10 people in the diplomatic area of the Afghan capital,” and the network’s Jennifer Glass says:

“The target was [three] minivans full of Supreme Court employees. Eyewitnesses told us there are deaths at the site itself… Security forces are cordoning off the site and are concerned about a lot of other vehicles already parked in the neighborhood A lot of windows have been blown out off apartments surrounding the area.”

Original Post: An explosion has rocked the US Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, it has been reported, and what is believed to have been a suicide attack has caused injuries and possibly deaths.

The US Embassy explosion was reported at approximately 6:50 AM EST, or 4:20 PM local time.

Reuters reports:

“The explosion was near the Supreme Court compound, about 200 meters from the entrance to the U.S. Embassy, the source said. No other details were immediately available.”

Over on Twitter, US Embassy bombing reports are less circumspect, with several unconfirmed reports of casualties at the site. Tweets regarding the suspected attack include:

A day prior to the US Embassy attack in Kabul, on June 10, several Taliban fighters were killed in an airport gun battle.