Austin Mahone Next Sweet Young Thing Now That Bieber’s Too Old [Video]

Austin Mahone, 17, is stepping forward to fill the gap left by self-proclaimed grown-up 19-year-old Justin Bieber who is, let’s face it, just not that cute any more. You can only get involved in so many car accidents and sneak into so many bars to get kicked out for underage drinking before people wake up and realize that you’re no longer a sweet-faced boy singer.

And maybe Bieber doesn’t want to be. But Austin Mahone does.

On Monday, Mahone released his new music video, which I’ve posted below for you dedicated fans of jailbait pop. You’re welcome to see for yourself why some people are calling him the next generation’s Justin Bieber, even if that means that a generation must last only about two years these days.

Being compared to Justin Bieber “is cool,” Austin Mahone told the Today show on Monday. “[B]ut I want people to see me as my own artist. I want to show them that I’m different.”

Yeah, you’re different, honey. You’re younger, and your face doesn’t have that hard, seen-it-all look just yet.

In any event, Mahone had a busy Monday. In addition to the Today appearance, he had a meet-and-greet with a cardboard cutout of Mila Kunis on Live From MTV. She’s apparently one of Mahone’s big celebrity crushes, but MTV wasn’t inspired just yet to actually set up a date with the real deal actress.

It might seem silly, but the publicity blitz is apparently working. After the “What About Love” video release, the song shot to #5 on the iTunes charts.

Here’s that “What About Love” video from Austin Mahone:

Don’t go away mad, Bieber. Just go away. We’ve seen and heard way too much out of you.

It’s time for 17-year-old Austin Mahone to have his turn.

[Bella Thorne and Austin Mahone photo by s_bukley /]