Jerry Bruckheimer Talks ‘Top Gun’ Sequel And ‘Lone Ranger’ Franchise

In the era of sequels it shouldn’t be a surprise that Top Gun is getting one. The remake would be produced by the legendary Jerry Bruckheimer who knows a thing or two about franchises.

He has produced many films and TV shows that are well known around the world including Pirates of the Caribbean, Beverly Hills Cop, National Treasure, and the newest kid on the block, the upcoming The Lone Ranger.

During Sunday’s Produced By Conference, Bruckheimer stated that:

“For 30 years we’ve been trying to make a sequel and we’re not going to stop. We still want to do it with Tom (Cruise) and Paramount are still interested in making it.”

He added that Cruise has told him that “no matter where he goes in the world, people refer to him as Maverick,” the iconic fighter pilot in training he played in the 1986 original.

The producer stated that the tragic death of Top Gun director Tony Scott in August of 2012 put the project on hold.

Another topic discussed with Deadline during the Conference was weather The Lone Ranger would become a franchise with Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer in the leads. Jerry Bruckheimer said of the possibility:

“It’s always up to the audience. If the audience likes the movie then Disney will come to me and we’ll make another or it will be a one-off.” He joked about critics not liking his films.

“Critics who loved My Dinner With Andre will not love The Lone Ranger, but hopefully there are enough critics out there that have popular tastes.” he concluded joking.

The producer said that the competition is tough this season, with so many blockbusters seemingly coming out week after week, The Lone Ranger needs to get those seats filled. He said it’s not about the number of theaters, but the number of seats.

If anyone can bring audiences to theaters it is Jerry Bruckheimer, one of the most recognized names in the movie industry. Would you watch a Top Gun sequel?

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