Army Base Shooting Puts Fort Sam Houston On Lockdown

An army base shooting at Fort Sam Houston had the whole base on lockdown.

All reports so far say the army base shooting at Fort Sam Houston was an isolated incident and does not seem to involve terrorism like the Fort Hood shooting that left many injured and 13 dead.

The army base shooting occurred around 2:50 pm local time (CST), hurting an instructor at an Army medical training school, but no one else was injured. The alleged shooter and victim were apparently in a relationship together although authorities would not identify them by name.

The incident started at Fort Sam Houston’s Army Medical Department Center and School. According to Colonel Randy Anderson, the army base shooting started off as a conversation:

“It started as a conversation. He came into her office space, and then she took him out of the building. It occurred there.”

The conversation must have gotten heated because the shooter pulled a handgun and fired multiple shots. The shooter then tried to escape the army base on foot, thought better of it, and went to his car to attempt an escape.

The army base shooter did manage to get away. But when he called his lawyer he was reported to the San Antonio Police Department. Meanwhile, the military police put the army base on lockdown for several hours while the medical building was cleared.

The victim survived the army base shooting and is in stable condition. The shooting suspect is being held Fort Sam Houston.