Channing Tatum’s ‘White House Down’ Extended Trailer Drops [Video]

Is everyone ready for Olympus Has Fallen 2? The new Channing Tatum action film White House Down sure looks like it’s companion film, that’s for sure. If you’re not convinced that this has typical Summer blockbuster all over it, now you can check out the four-minute extended trailer.

The lengthy trailer for White House Down gives significant plot points away, but we’re pretty sure this won’t deter an audience from going to check out Channing Tatum take down a bunch of bad guys when it hits theaters on June 28th.

Channing Tatum seems to be playing a familiar character during a job interview to protect the President. He thinks he has what it takes to be in the secret service, but his would-be superior Maggie Gyllenhaal is one tough cookie, and doesn’t really seem to be too impressed with his character, John Cale. He has a past that doesn’t make him the likely candidate, but when the White House goes down (we couldn’t help it), he steps up and proves to be the man for the job.

White House Down’s trailer is certainly flashy, with explosions in every other frame. It’s impact powerful with familiar music that builds with ever beat of action. Of course Channing’s Cale not only faces a White House under fire, but he has his own emotional stake in all of this. His daughter (who defiantly calls him John), is also in the White House, and is in need of saving as well. We’ve seen this set up all before, but it’s Channing Tatum in an action film, running in a suit, Columbia can basically sit back and the appeal alone will sell this film.

If not that, then it’s certainly director Roland Emmerich of Independence Day fame. The man definitely knows how to make a worth while action film.

Check out the extended trailer for White House Down below: