June 16, 2013
Aluminum Bottles Leaking More BPA Than Plastic Bottles [Study]

Many consumers have begun to shy away from plastic bottles and containers and the drinks or foods they contain for fear that BPA may seep into their bodies and cause neurological and other problems and now it has come to light that the aluminum bottles many consumers are choosing may actually contain higher levels of the substance.

A study reported by WebMD Health News says some aluminum may actually contain more BPA than clear bottles. In the study it is reported that some types of aluminum may be releasing more BPA than the clear polycarbonate plastic bottles they were meant to replace, even while opposite claims are being made by manufacturers.

The study, published in the journal Chemosphere found that when ultra-pure water was stored for just five days in the bottles they released up to five-times more BPA than plastic bottles.

Scott M. Belcher, PhD, spoke with WebMD and said of the bottles:

“It’s been used for marketing purposes. If you pick up an aluminum bottle from your super-cheap discount retailer, you can’t be so sure what’s in it. Especially aluminum, because they do require a lining of some sort.”
On a positive note, the study that most bottles which claimed to be "BPA-Free" on their labels were telling the truth, while non-coated stainless steel bottles also came up largely BPA free.

There is still a lot more investigative studies to come, in the meantime stick with "BPA-Free" labeled products from major manufacturers when possible just to stay on the safe side.

[Editors note: The bottles show above are for demonstration purposes only and may be BPA-Free]