‘LEGO Marvel Super Heroes’ Lands E3 2013 Trailer [Video]

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes has landed an E3 2013 trailer.

Not much has been known about the new LEGO take on the Marvel game universe, except that some familiar faces have been confirmed in the previous trailer. Wolverine, Spider-Man, Deadpool, and most of the Avengers from the Joss Whedon film are slated to be in it. Also we can expect a certain massive villain we all know as Galactus. Also, seeing as it is a LEGO licensed product, there will be the trademark humor, so Deadpool may just be right in his element.

The trailer for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes begins with the logos, the last of which is obliterated in a blast of lightning. A voice-over begins, “The time has come for Earth to suffer,” as we see Loki looking on from Asgard.

Then we see what appear to be emergency vehicles gathered at the end of a bridge covered in dirt, possibly in the desert. Loki continues, “Yet you mortals think your heroes can protect you.” We see Nick Fury drinking from a convenience store beverage, Hulk jumping into a window with Iron Man in tow, and then a group consisting of Captain America, Thor and the Human Torch readies for battle.

Mister Fantastic is then seen punching someone into the air after they are sent spinning toward him. Spider-Man swings into the scene, landing before Thor calls lightning down. Human Torch pokes fun as he stands between Captain America and Wolverine, “Oooh, very theatrical with the lightning and everything!”

Captain America replies, “He is the god of thunder, that’s kind of his thing.”

We see a large glowing “A” lying in some rubble as Hulk roars alongside Loki’s next line, “They think themselves powerful, but they do not know what true power is.”

After we see the Marvel heroes fighting Loki, Wolverine quips, “What the heck’s he after?”

Thor answers, “He’s ever after only one thing. Power.”

Are you excited about LEGO Marvel Super Heroes coming this fall on Wii U, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita and PC? What do you think of the E3 2013 trailer?