E3 2013 Reveals 'Dead Rising 3' Exclusively for Xbox One

Emma Flint

It's been revealed at E3 2013 that Dead Rising 3 will be exclusively for Xbox One.

The Dead Rising franchise is a hugely popular series, as demonstrated by The Inquisitr's post about Dead Rising 2 being one of the games of 2010.

The third instalment is set three days after an outbreak in the city of Los Perdidos and will focus on a new protagonist, Nick Ramos.

Dead Rising 3 will be an open world game with absolutely no loading times which means you will get a more realistic feel from the gameplay than ever before.

This new and exciting game is guaranteed to outshine State of Decay.

Furthermore, anything and everything the players find will be able to be used as a weapon. Unlike previous games, players won't be limited to what they find.

In addition to this there will also be a weapon crafting system that will allow you to customise and build your own weapons the way you want to.

The immersive gameplay will mean it truly feels like it's your fight for survival from the zombie horde.

This need to survive will become more difficult in Dead Rising 3 because every moment the character makes will draw the attention of zombies.

However, you will be able to distract them; flares and other simple items could now be the difference between Nick Ramos surviving or dying.

If distracting the enemy isn't your style, you will be able to sprint through a large group of zombies to try and evade them, or you can try and fight them off with your arsenal of weapons.

The choice will completely be yours.

Alongside walking and sneaking through the zombie infested streets, players will also be able to drive through the open world.

According to the E3 2013 conference, driving will be a critical part of exploring Dead Rising 3's large world, and will make it easier for players to scavenge for supplies.

Despite how much easier exploration will be, groups of zombies will be able to slow down your car if you run into them.

Moreover, the zombies will be able to climb on top of your car and try to break in.

Dead Rising 3 promises to be an intense and terrifying ride.

[Image via Kotaku.com]