‘Killer Instinct’ Announced For Xbox One

Killer Instinct fans have been waiting a long, long time to finally see a sequel to the popular fighting game franchise, but hope had seem lost until last year, when Microsoft renewed the trademark for the franchise and hinted that something is in the works.

Today, we know what that is.

During Microsoft’s E3 2013 press conference today, Microsoft confirmed that a new Killer Instinct will be coming to Xbox One. No specific release date was given, only a vague 2013 release date – so expect it somewhere around the Xbox One’s launch window.

Aesthetically, the game appears to be taking some cues from Street Fighter IV – the character models are rendered in 3D, but the combat takes place on a 2D plane. Judging from the trailer the overall look doesn’t feel too different, although several characters appear to have been given a slight, albeit respectful overhaul.

As far as the similarities between combat, that’s tough to say at this point. The speed of the gameplay shown appears to be on par with the original two games, and it does appear to be rather heavily combo-based, as it should be. Apart from that, not a whole lot is known at this point.

Even though we don’t know a whole lot about the game at this point, it’s at least good to know that it’s coming out. The last time we saw a Killer Instinct was in 1996, when Killer Instinct 2 was released on the SNES, and Killer Instinct Gold on the N64.

The Killer Instinct series never managed enough success as the fighting game monster that is Street Fighter, but the series – particularly the first game – is definitely a beloved series for many nostalgic gamers, fighting game fans or no.

While we patiently await more info, here’s the announcement trailer shown during the press conference, courtesy of GameTrailers: