German Woman Achieves 16-inch Waist By Wearing Corset Constantly

Katya Gordeeva - Author

Oct. 17 2016, Updated 3:43 a.m. ET

Michele Kobke didn’t get her 16-inch waist from dieting and exercising nonstop. The 24-year-old achieved her unbelievably tiny waist from wearing a corset nonstop for three years.

The German woman started out with a 25-inch waist and managed to drop nine inches off her waistline in three years. She admitted to wearing the corset while eating, swimming and even sleeping.

Kobke said that her dream waist is 15 inches. But her family’s reaction to her corset wearing has been quite negative. “They say that I spoil my body. But I would say that smoking and drinking alcohol are actually much worse for you, so corsets may not be healthy, but also not really unhealthy,” she said.

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Although a doctor already diagnosed Kobke with some muscle atrophy for wearing a corset all day, she doesn’t plan to stop any time soon.

“I can’t imagine to just stop one day,” she said. “The corsets have become an important part of my life. I just can’t imagine.”

Corsets have been around for more than 500 years and have helped many women achieve smaller waists. However, there are several risks to wearing corsets nonstop. One of the most common side effects of wearing a corset is trouble breathing. The corset is tied so tightly around the waist that it decreases lung capacity, making it more difficult to breathe.

A more serious side effect of corset wearing is organ deformation. If a corset is worn too tightly, it can compress internal organs like the liver, bladder, and intestines. If a woman compresses her organs, it can make it difficult for her to have children. If the baby lives, it can be born with birth defects.

Do you think Kobke should stop wearing a corset? Would you ever wear a corset to achieve a smaller waist?


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