Xbox One November Release Announced With Package Title

Xbox One has been announced to have a November release alongside a package title at the E3 2013 conference.

If there is one thing the Xbox One has been lacking recently, it’s solid answers. The reveal in May was underwhelming as Microsoft focused on little more than its TV capabilities, the Kinect, and the Call of Duty: Ghosts dog. Now the Xbox One has a pending release this November, though an exact date has not been given.

At least it’s a start.

Previously, Microsoft had only confirmed the name of the console and some of the policies that have not changed since the public outrage. Such policies involved the rules of used games as well as the fact that Microsoft will be using your internet connection daily to monitor your gaming usage. The Xbox One looks set to be the most restrictive gaming console in history, looking to see if that game you played yesterday is still in your possession or being played elsewhere, and locking you out of your own games if you haven’t logged in for the day.

On the bright side, Kinect seems to have been updated from its glitchy and none-too-reliable predecessor on the Xbox 360, not only improving the reaction time, but also tracking your movements, isolating your voice, and taking commands to control the console.

Taking advantage of the Kinect for Xbox One, at the E3 2013 conference it was announced that Kinect Sports Rivals will be packaged in with the console. Kinect Sports Rivals will most likely use your body movements to simulate actual sports action in ways that Nintendo’s Wii could only dream. You might even talk smack with your friends online using the voice recognition.

Kinect Sports Rivals is planned to include soccer, jetski racing, bowling, target shooting, tennis, and rock climbing. If done right, this game alone could be your new workout routine for the Xbox One.

Are you excited for the November release of Xbox One? What do you think about Kinect Sports Rivals being packaged with it?