Florida Boat Crash : 10 Hospitalized After Collision Near Elliott Key

A Florida boat crash has left 10 people hospitalized after two boats collided near the Elliott Key in Biscayne National Park. The crash occurred on Sunday evening just west of Sands Cut, according to officials.

The incident happened around 6:30 p.m. when a 36-foot powerboat that was carrying 16 people hit another boat that was carrying two people, the Miami Herald first reported. Jorge Pino, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesman commented on the situation and made it known that nobody was killed due to the accident.

“It was a violent collision,” Pino said. “We’re very fortunate no one was killed.”

Officials noted that the second boat involved in the wreck ended up sinking while the damaged powerboat was towed to the Black Point Marina in Cutler Bay. Pino went on to say that investigators are currently trying to determine the original cause of the crash though no more information has been released just yet.

One of the injured Florida boat crash victims was airlifted to Kendall Regional Medical Center while nine others were sent to the same hospital. South Florida’s NBC 6 went on to reveal that three people suffered serious injuries and a total of 18 were injured.

The 36-foot vessel has been identified as a Carrera powerboat that was carrying the majority of the injured victims during the crash. While the cause behind the wreck is still being investigated, a Carrera is considered a speedy and powerful boat that is commonly used for fishing.

There have been a noticeable amount of boating accidents in the recent past that have raised questions as to safety on the open waters. In late May, four people were killed while eight others were injured during a boating wreck in Iowa.

Also, a speedboat accident earlier in May left two dead and four injured of the coast town of Padstow in Cornwall, England. Have you ever witnessed or remember hearing about a terrible wreck such as the Florida boat crash?

[Image via ‚Äčwikipedia user Catholic 85]