Microsoft E3 2013 Press Conference: Watch It Live Here

The big day is finally here: in just about 10 minutes (as of writing), Microsoft’s 2013 E3 press conference will be kicking off, and we’ve got a stream embed for you right here, courtesy of Game Informer, so you can watch with all of us as it happens live.

UPDATE: The press conference has apparently been pushed back by 30 minutes. Expect it to go live at 9:30 PT.

With the Xbox One reveal being focused so much on just about anything but games, Microsoft is expected to show off a number of its first and third-party titles – perhaps some of those 15 internally-developed games for the Xbox One.

In fact, Microsoft said as much themselves; just ahead of the press conference, Microsoft confirmed that at least 20 games will be shown throughout the press conference. We’ll also likely hear a bit more about the hardware, and a little bit more about that whole “cloud computing” deal.

Whatever it is, Microsoft needs to bring their A-game – Sony came out swinging with a slew of titles, including those of the indie variety. The war is far from over yet, however – whatever Microsoft and Sony both have to show today will start a whole new generation of console wars.

If there’s one thing that has me excited, it’s this: during GameTrailers’ pre-E3 show, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer said that famed developer Rare had an announcement for the “hardcore” crowd. Please, please be Killer Instinct 3.

Without further ado, you can check out an embed of the stream below, courtesy ofGame Informer.

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