UFO Photos From Netherlands Are Creepy, Not Likely Faked

A batch of UFO photos from the Netherlands has us spooked this morning, but while the pics are not likely to have been tampered with, whether or not we’re looking at an honest-to-goodness alien spacecraft is still up in the air.

Corinne Federer shot the UFO photos in the Netherlands while she was shooting five-frame HDR exposures at Muiderslot Castle.

“In order to create HDR images, you take three or more exposures — this one happened to be five — and you shoot them all at the same time, because you then overlap the images and it gives you the full spectrum of light, which your camera can’t capture but your eyes can,” the 43-year-old told The Huffington Post.

“We heard nothing, it was completely quiet out,” she said. But when she checked the photos afterwards, she noticed a strange UFO with an S-shaped fin in several shots.

“The more I flipped through the frames, it was kind of creepy,” she added.

So are we looking at a real alien spacecraft here? Unfortunately, experts aren’t entirely convinced.

While admitting that it’s not likely that Federer tampered with the photos to add a UFO to them digitally after they were developed, Ben Hansen, the host of SyFy Channel’s “Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files” believes that the photos have a pretty mundane explanation.

“The object’s appearance is internally consistent with the rest of the photo. For instance, look at the darker area of the underside of the object compared with the clouds. The shadowing is similar on the underside as well as the lighting on the top of the object and the clouds where the sun is brightest. Having the sun in the frame is helpful because it indicates where shadows should appear. This further supports that the object was photographed ‘in-camera’ and not added later,” he said.

But …

“If I had to place my money on it, I would say that we’re looking at insects. We typically see many wing protrusions on insect rod cases, but they do come in the single pair variety, too. It all depends on the shutter speeds and motion of the insects.”

Still Federer believes that while the photos might not show a real alien spacecraft, she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of alien life.

“When I look at the amazing photography which captures the night sky in long exposures, and you can see how many stars are out there, I think there’s absolutely no way that we’re alone. So I don’t find it unreasonable to believe that there’s another habitable planet somewhere that has started exploring space,” she said.

“Maybe they’re more advanced than we are and they’ve come by to see what’s going on here.”

You can check out more of the UFO photos from the Netherlands here.

[Image via: Elyktra Photoart]