JMU Springfest turns into riot, dozens of arrests made

Kim LaCapria

A block party at Harrisonburg, Virginia's James Madison University became violent yesterday afternoon, and the civil disturbance unit was called in after officers had difficulty containing unruly college students in the giant crowd.

Police say partygoers at JMU's Springfest 2010 became unruly and aggressive when authorities attempted to disperse the crowd:

"They started getting beer bottles thrown at them, different debris thrown at them so they backed out. Once they backed out we called in the civil disturbance unit," says Lt. Kurt Boshart with the Harrisonburg Police Department.
"I didn't hear anything. The first thing I saw was the tear gas. I heard nothing. The people may have been loud in the crowd, but the first thing I saw was the tear gas, and that's what made me go inside because I couldn't stay out there," says Whitman.