‘Watch Dogs’ Lands Trailer Just In Time For E3 2013 [Video]

Watch Dogs has just landed its first trailer just in time for E3 2013.

For those who haven’t followed the game from the start, Watch Dogs is about a high-tech assassin of sorts, Aidan Pearce, in a futuristic version of Chicago that is run by electronics. This assassin uses the electronics around him to find information on his targets, regulate everything around him using his hacking skills via a portable device, and even hack into bank accounts to get money.

And you thought you were cool using your iPhone to get your car started.

It also happens to be that Aidan Pearce is a master martial artist, so when the target is in sight and aware of him, it comes down to fisticuffs if he decides to take them down right then. Between his hacking skills, martial arts prowess, and his look with the bandana and baseball cap around daring eyes, he looks like one to be reckoned with.

The E3 2013 trailer for Watch Dogs below begins with someone checking his smartphone. The time is 6:38pm and he gets a text from a woman named Jenn Kramer asking, “Hey love, [you] home for dinner?”

He texts back, “Stuck @ the office,” and as we get a view of him, we find he’s not the main character. He crosses the street and we then see that someone is using a sort of tracking device to find him from a short distance away. He bumps into Aidan Pearce in a slow-motion moment as the latter says, “Give me four seconds and a clear signal.”

We see someone looking at a laptop of sorts with a transparent screen in a coffee shop or something. On the screen is a conversation:

“Angie: I found something on Stefan’s computer.”

“Liz: You spied on him?”

“Angie: You said he was acting weird!”

It cuts back to the guy from the beginning who finishes crossing the street as though nothing happened. Apparently his bank account is being hacked into and he isn’t aware of it.

Ubisoft has confirmed a Watch Dogs release date of November 19 in North America and November 22 in Europe for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC, and “at launch” on PS4.

Are you excited about Watch Dogs? What do you think of the E3 2013 trailer?