Elderly Women Escape Limo Fire In California

Ten elderly women escaped a limo fire in California over the weekend.

Elaine Lofchie was out celebrating her 90th birthday with six friends and three caregivers on Sunday morning. All of them were riding inside the limousine when the fire started. Thankfully, everyone inside was able to escape without injury.

The elderly women said the limo wasn’t moving when the fire broke out. After noticing smoke rising from the vehicle, the driver told everyone to get out.

“It was a memorable birthday. Bad enough that it was my 90th birthday and now I have all this business to remember,” Elaine Lofchie explained.

Mary Chapman and another caregiver said they helped the passengers out of the 2008 Lincoln Town Car after the driver alerted them to the situation. Everyone inside the vehicle was grateful that the limo wasn’t moving or on the freeway when the fire began.

“It’s very fresh, because when I looked out there were red flames all over the place and black smoke, and now you can see the result,” Chapman explained.

She added, “The three of us that we thought were more able bodied, we got out first so we could help the other ladies, they were on walkers, they were on canes.”

The caregivers said they were very aware of a recent limo fire that claimed the lives of a bride and four of her friends on the San Mateo Bridge last month. Unlike that incident, the blaze involving the elderly passengers burned much slower. This allowed them to get away from the vehicle unharmed.

The California Highway Patrol follow-up on the incident by alerted the California Highway Patrol. Although an official cause has yet to be determined, the driver seemed to believe the problem was likely electrical.

Fortunately for everyone involved, the elderly women and the driver managed to escape the limo fire without any bodily harm. An investigation into the blaze is underway.

[Image via Shutterstock.com]