Neil Patrick Harris Delivers ‘Legendary’ Tony Awards [Video]

Neil Patrick Harris promised to deliver a “legendary” show during his opening number at the 2013 Tony Awards, and most critics agree that the actor delivered.

Harris, who was hosting the show for his fourth time, opened the Tony Awards by promising the audience that this year’s show would be bigger than last.

Harris sang: “Bigger, tonight it’s bigger. It’s Broadway’s greatest night and we’re raring to go. Tonight it’s bigger. Yes it’s bigger. Who will take home a Tony statue I don’t know. But I guarantee a truly legendary show.”

From there, he launched into a dizzying musical number that featured several cast members from the soon-to-be award winning shows.

The opening number was probably the highlight of the show, Harris even joked that they “blew their entire budget” in the first fifteen minutes, but the veteran host kept the crowd entertained throughout the night. He nearly had his ear bitten off by Mike Tyson, he made out with the dog from “Annie,” and then he closed the night with a song that was written during the show about all of the night’s winners.

Before taking the stage this year, Neil Patrick Harris said that he had some doubts about this year’s show. Having hosted the show three times before, the actor said that he was “constantly second-guessing and trying to one-up myself.”

Harris may have been nervous about hosting the Tony Awards for the fourth time, but he definitely delivered a “legendary” show.

Here’s a look at the opening number.

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