‘The Bible’ Follow-Up Is In The Works, Say Mark Burnett

A follow-up to The Bible is in the works, says Mark Burnett.

The veteran reality TV producer and his wife Roma Downey scored a hit with the History Channel miniseries earlier this year. In order to capitalize on that success, Burnett said that a follow-up is currently in the works.

“Roma [Downey] and I will do a follow-up, one hundred percent. Something big. We’ve also just finished recutting the Jesus part of ‘The Bible’ into a feature,” the producer said during the Produced By Conference on Sunday.

He added, “It’s the most important story in the history of the world. It’s completely true … I know it’s true … because I feel it in me.”

Mark Burnett has high hopes for the continued popularity of The Bible miniseries. The producer believes in a few years more people will have seen the show than have not. In order to make that happen, Burnett intends to release a theatrical cut of the miniseries that focuses on Jesus’ story.

The Bible miniseries originally debuted on the History Channel back in March. Burnett’s first scripted series drew in 17.1 million viewers during the first episode. The finale drew in around 11 million viewers on Easter Sunday.

Despite the success Mark Burnett and Roma Downey enjoyed with the series, it didn’t come without its share of controversy. Quite a few people believed that the Devil looked a little too much like President Obama, an issue they soon addressed on social media.

Burnett and Downey insist the resemblance was purely coincidental. Downey felt the show had been “hijacked” by people who were making something out of nothing.

“The night before that broke in the news, Jesus had made his first appearance on the screen and I was so looking forward to Monday and knowing that Jesus would be on the lips of everyone,” she explained.

Did you watch The Bible earlier this year? Are you excited for the follow-up teased by Mark Burnett at the Produced by Conference?