Connecticut Man Accused Of Hiring Hit Man To Kill Pregnant Girlfriend

A Connecticut man was arrested for hiring his friend, Matthew Allen Hall-Davis, to kill his pregnant girlfriend.

Carlton Bryan was riding in the car with his girlfriend, Shamari Jenkins, when Hall-Davis fired a shot through the back window and struck the 20-year-old pregnant woman. The bullet hit Jenkins’ shoulder and went through her torso. She and her baby were pronounced dead at the hospital.

According to prosecutors, Bryan wanted his girlfriend killed after she told him she didn’t want an abortion. He allegedly begged Hall-Davis to shoot Jenkins.

When Hall-Davis spoke to the police, he said Bryan didn’t want to have a baby with Jenkins. “Carlton Bryan said Shamari initially agreed to have an abortion but changed her mind and she was now four months pregnant.”

Hall-Davis also told the police that he planned to double cross Bryan and shoot him instead. He admitted he was angry at Bryan for asking him to shoot Jenkins.

According to police reports, Bryan lied twice about what he was doing when his girlfriend was shot. First, he told the police that he and Jenkins were waiting for his cousin to bring him $50. Then, he said they were waiting to buy marijuana from two friends.

Jenkins’ father, Todd Jenkins, said he was in disbelief when he found out Bryan committed this crime. “It was hard to see him, knowing he used to come to my house and stay the night and talk with me,” he said. “and then for him to turn around do something like this.”

Bryan is charged with murder, conspiracy to commit murder, carrying a pistol without a permit and making a false statement. He is currently being held in lieu of a $2.5 million bond.

What do you think should happen to Bryan if he is found guilty?