John Zawahri: Fifth Victim Dies, New Insights Slowly Emerge In Santa Monica Slaying [Video]

John Zawahri, the Santa Monica College shooter whose killing spree ended Friday night after he was shot by police, has claimed a fifth victim. 26-year-old Marcela Franco, who was seriously hurt when Zawahri fired into the SUV she was riding in, has now died at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

Her father, 68-year-old Carlos Navarro Franco, died Friday night. According to a CNN report, father and daughter were headed to the Santa Monica College campus to buy books when they were attacked by John Zawarhi.

The deadly spree began when John Zawahri killed his father, Samir, and his brother Chris in their Santa Monica home on Friday, the day before his 24th birthday.

New clues into Zawahri’s motives for the deadly shooting rampage are slowly emerging now that the Santa Monica Police Department have released his name. They had what they call “contact” with him in 2006 but couldn’t give specifics because he was a juvenile then.

However, he reportedly suffered from mental health issues severely enough that he had been hospitalized at least once in the past after threatening to harm someone.

Randa Abdou, John Zawahri’s mother, is reportedly out of the country and so far unreachable by the police. The Los Angeles Times said neighbors believe she is currently visiting in Lebanon.

Their report said that his parents filed for divorce twice in the 1990s. The second divorce filing by Abdou in 1998 alleged domestic violence. Neighbors told LAT that she was a nice woman with a loud, angry son that they could often hear screaming — even when he was home alone.

A woman described as Randa Abdou’s best friend was studying at Santa Monica College when John Zawahri attacked, but she escaped.

Here is a police statement that describes step-by-step what John Zawahri did in the course of the shooting spree that has now left five people dead:

In that video, the police had already identified him but chose not to give his name so that they could notify the surviving family members of the Santa Monica shooting spree.

We’ll update you with more details when we get them about the Santa Monica shooting spree and accused shooter John Zawahri.

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