‘Tekken Revolution’ Free-To-Play Details And Trailer Released [Video]

Tekken Revolution' details and trailer released

Tekken Revolution, a free-to-play fighting game, has just dropped some details and a trailer! Check it out below.

Tekken started out as the fighting game that kept it real, sticking to realistic attacks and mostly human fighters. However, as time and sequels went by, we started seeing animals join the roster as hidden fighters, and before long, we had an animated wood dummy as a fighter. Tekken still has its charm, but it’s no longer the realistic fighter it once was. The roots are still there, as it hasn’t quite reached the ridiculous levels of most of Capcom’s titles, but the roster has seen almost every possible animal there is, not to mention mainstay Jack, the Russian cyborg.

The game features the Mishima family, Heihachi and his son Kazuya starting the pack as the dysfunctional origins of it all, even borrowing a page from Street Fighter with the jumping punch attack. Then there is Marshall Law, the Bruce Lee clone that every fighting game eventually had to have, screaming his way through every game until his son took over. There were also Nina Williams and her sister Anna, the Irish siblings who apparently brought the female element before Jun Kazama came along and helped Kazuya spawn another generation. Of course Jack had his followup models, but he was always the cyborg wrestler.

Tekken Revolution is the latest incarnation in the long line of the franchise, and with the new trend of online fighting, it has introduced a free-to-play element that lets anyone enjoy the new roster. Speaking of which, you start out with the basic eight fighters, which you can upgrade as you go with points in Strength, Endurance, and Vigor. For newcomers, there will be the new addition of Special Arts and Critical Arts to make things easier.

Tekken Revolution will be released June 11, and is a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

Are you excited about the free-to-play Tekken Revolution coming this week? What do you think about the trailer?