Kevin Bacon ‘Footloose’ Role Offer ‘Lousy,’ He Says

Footloose star Kevin Bacon has finally broken his silence about why he refused to appear in a cameo for the 2011 remake of his 1984 movie classic about Chicago teen Ren McCormack who moves to a town where dancing and rock music have been banned.

He spoke out Tuesday at an event at the Paley Center in New York, where he blurted out: “It was a lousy part! I was [cast as the] father, which I don’t mind, but he was just…miserable.”

Bacon seemed to feel that they had included the character of the father in the remake only to create an unnecessary role for him that would allow them to use the famous Kevin Bacon name in the Footloose publicity:

“[T]here was no point to me being in the movie…They built a scene that was really only there for me to be in the movie, and once I said no, they took the scene out…”

The 1984 version of Footloose was the breakout film for Kevin Bacon’s career, although he’d previously appeared in the well-regarded Diner. The musical drama also sparked the relentlessly overplayed 1985 No. 1 Billboard hit song, “Footloose.”

The 2011 remake directed by Craig Brewer featured Kenny Wormald in the title role. In this version, he moves from Boston to a deep south town that has banned dancing. Yes, I can’t believe I just typed that either.

Some guy from Boston teaches some folks in the south how to dance? I guess that’s why they call it the suspension of disbelief.

Although it was apparently well-received and earned $62 million worldwide, I think I’m with Kevin Bacon here. You’d have to offer me a heck of a lot of money to be associated with that one in any way, shape, or form.

Do you think Kevin Bacon’s Footloose offer was all that lousy?

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