Golfer Stabs Partner Following Argument Over Score

James Johnson

A golfer stabbed his playing partner recent after the man allegedly shaved points off his game.

The incident went down at the 12th hold at Westwynd Golf Course in Oakland County.

According to witnesses, 59-year-0ld Glen Lott took out his Callaway 5-iron and proceeded to break it over the arm of his 65-year-old golf partner.

Management at the club heard an argument erupt and called police. A group of golfers held Lott down so his victim could flee to the clubhouse on a golf cart. Lott managed to get free and jumped in his own golf cart. The attacker could be heard screaming that he was "going to get him."

Lott drove off in his car but was later taken into custody. Lott was arraigned on Friday in Rochester Hills District Court. The man was issued a $100,000 bond and ordered to stay away from the golf course.

If convicted of assault and battery, Lott could face up to four years in jail.

Jimmy Mehlberg, Westwynd golf course manager, explained that the incident went down in front of a large group that included 20 friends who had appeared to be enjoying a nice day on the course.

'It was group of 20 friends — or maybe former friends now — or maybe they used to be coworkers who have a travel league,' Mehlberg said, adding that the all-men's group were regulars to the course over the last several years. No other incidents with the group have ever been reported.

Mehlberg admit that violence at the golf course is very rare: "It was a crazy day. I've worked at a golf course for 12 years and nothing like this ever happened."

After the golfer stabbed his partner, the victim received multiple stitches in his arm. The man was stabbed with the jagged edge of the broken club.

When deputies arrived on the scene they recovered half of a Callaway 5-iron golf club from the course, they later found the other half of the club in Lott's golf bag.

Are you surprised that a golfer would stab his partner with a golf club?