Video: 'Sex and the City' 2 trailer hits web

Kim LaCapria

Sex and the City is still refusing to die, even though HBO cancelled it like a hundred years ago.

The show that chronicled the dating neuroses of four forty-somethings in a whitewashed version of New York nearly a decade ago, popularizing an avalanche of pop-psychological dating tenets you probably still can't escape from if you're not hitched, has already spawned one lame-ass movie. Now a trailer that depicts Carrie Bradshaw and her posse getting away from their boring rich husbands and kids with a vacation to Abu Dhabi where Carrie's former flame Aiden just happens to be lurking has hit the web, threatening to once again embed itself in pop-culture like it's relevant.

The trailer, below, reveals that the one-dimensional characters haven't gotten any more relatable since they've jumped to the big screen. Charlotte is still a stuck up prude who manages to live in New York but continually be shocked by sex or anything ever getting dirty, Miranda is chronically naggy and unpleasant, Samantha keeps speaking in puns and innuendo that a seven year old could have written and Carrie is still incredibly irritating and awkward looking.

Are you still interested in the SATC story or should they shut up and make a Sopranos movie already?

[via Mashable]