Linda Cardellini: ‘Mad Men’ Star Engaged After Public Proposal From Longtime Boyfriend

Linda Cardellini is getting married after her longtime boyfriend made a surprise public proposal.

Cardellini has been with Steve Rodriguez years and the couple has a daughter together, Liliah-Rose. The 37-year-old actress, who plays the neighbor of Don Draper on the AMC drama Mad Men, announced her engagement during an appearance on The View on Friday.

“I was surprised that it was happening at that moment,” Linda Cardellini said, just hours after Rodriguez popped the question on Thursday.

Linda also shared the news with her Twitter followers.

My daughter Lilah Rose wants everyone to know that her mommy and daddy are getting married,” Cardellini tweeted Friday with a photo of her engagement ring.

Steve asked Linda to marry him in the presence of a few close family members and friends, including Cardellini’s ER co-star Maura Tierney.

“We were actually with some of the people I love most: my sister, and my cousins and one of my best friends, Maura,” Linda said. “We were sitting and he started getting choked up and then got on his knee. It was very beautiful.”

The couple has been through a lot together. They welcomed daughter Lilah-Rose to the world on Leap Day (February 29, 2012), but it was not before a trying pregnancy — Cardellini struggled with severe morning sickness throughout the early part of her pregnancy.

“Morning sickness was terrible the first four months,” said Cardellini, who also starred in Freaks and Geeks and Scooby Doo. “It was awful. I was kind of a monster!”

But after her daughter was born, Cardellini was able to look back on the pregnancy with a bit more appreciation.

“Now I feel great, and it’s amazing and I can feel kicking and it’s a totally unbelievable experience,” she told Access at the time. “It’s a little bit like Alien in science fiction and then also it’s a crazy miracle.”

Linda Cardellini hasn’t said yet when the wedding might take place.