Firework Lights Up Sky After Truck Hits A Moose In Canada [Video]

People living near Wawa, Ontario got a fireworks show earlier this week when a truck transporting explosives crashed into a moose along the Trans Canada Highway.

According to WaWa News, the truck crashed into the moose at about 1 am on Thursday morning. The truck caught fire and soon its cargo, made up of ammunition and fireworks, started shooting off into the sky.

The description on Youtube reads: “On June 6th at 1 a.m. this transport struck a moose, and became engulfed in flames. The trailer was carrying ammunition and fireworks. Here are some of the fireworks exploding while the vehicle is burning. The collision occurred 40 kilometres south of Wawa at Mijinemungshing Lake.”

Firefighters arrived quickly to the scene but they weren’t able to put out the fire until dawn the following morning. The firefighters haven’t said why it took so long to extinguish the fire but it’s possible that they were distracted by the firework show going on overhead.

And in case you were wondering, the truck drive and a passenger in the vehicle both escaped unharmed. It’s unclear what happened to the moose.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the only moose related accident that was reported in Canada this week. According to WaWa News, there were two other moose accidents on Thursday night. Unfortunately, neither of those accidents resulted in fireworks.

Here’s a video of the fireworks show last night in Wawa, Ontario.