Paris Jackson: Judge Orders Inquiry Into Her Well-Being After Suicide Attempt

Paris Jackson is recovering from a suicide attempt this week, but the drama surrounding the 15-year-old daughter of the late Michael Jackson seems far from over.

A judge overseeing the guardianship of Michael’s three children has ordered an investigation into Paris Jackson’s well-being. Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff ordered an investigator to look into the teenager’s health, education, and welfare and make recommendations.

Her family has reportedly been very helpful with the inquiry.

“There have been communications between the court and counsel and we’re completely supportive of the court’s actions,” Katherine Jackson’s attorney, Perry Sanders Jr., said Friday.

This is not the first time that Beckloff has ordered an investigation into the well-being of Michael Jackson’s children. After Katherine Jackson was out of communication with them for several days last year the judge called for a similar inquiry.

In the wake of her suicide attempt, the family of Paris Jackson seems to have help from an attorney for Michael Jackson’s estate, who said he would assist her guardians if necessary.

“The estate will work with Paris’s guardians to provide whatever is required for her best interests,” estate attorney Howard Weitzman wrote in a statement. “We are totally and completely supportive of Paris as her well-being is our foremost concern.”

Paris Jackson reportedly attempted suicide on Wednesday after she was forbidden from attending a Marilyn Manson concert. Reports said Paris ran into her room and cut her wrists with a meat cleaver. It was also reported that she swallowed a number of pills and left a suicide note.

The 15-year-old appeared to hint at suicidal thoughts earlier in the day, tweeting:

Paris Jackson is said to be doing well physically after the suicide attempt. The judge who ordered an inquiry into her well-being did not say when and if it would be published.