Manny Pacquiao Edges Out Juan Manuel Marquez For Welterweight Title

Manny Pacquiao edged out Juan Manuel Marquez on Saturday night to earn the welterweight title. Manny scored two out of three scorecards while the third ringside judge ruled the match a draw.

The 12 round fight saw both men exchange a fury of blows with Manny receiving as much punishment as he doled out.

While Pacquiao used sheer aggression in the match Marquez performed some brilliant counterpunching to keep Pacquiao from getting to the inside where he could expel the most damage.

Entering the fight as a 7-1 underdog Marquez landed some hard punches while keeping his opponent from using all of his strengths to win the match.

The two winning scorecards were listed at 115-113 and 116-112 while the draw judge and the Associated Press both ranked the match at a 114-114 draw.

After the fight results were announced the decision apparently angered much of the MGM Grand crowd in Las Vegas who threw bottles and cans into the ring while screaming about the decision.

Marquez stormed out of the ring after the results were announced, he was already angered over scoring in his first two matches against Manny and this time said:

"I got robbed ... I don't know what else I can do to win."
Speaking of his win and the crowds reaction Manny Pacquiao said:
"My fans are very happy because they thought I won."
For his efforts Pacquiao took home at least $22 million although that number could be much higher, Marquez for his loss still walked away with $5 million although he surely would have liked to see more cash given his excellent performance.

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