Woman Accidentally Drinks Oven Cleaner To Cure Hiccups

A woman has ended up in hospital after accidentally drinking oven cleaner to help with her hiccups.

This is obviously a very serious matter and makes you wonder why a city wants to sue Monster Energy drinks when they should be keeping their eye on incidents such as this.

Shockingly, this wasn’t an at-home event and actually happened while the woman was enjoying a meal at The Point Restaurant.

As she was finishing her meal, she began hiccuping. Upon seeing this, an on-hand staff member helpfully suggested trying a glass of vinegar.

Although it might sound odd to anyone who hasn’t tried this home cure, a small glass of vinegar is meant to do wonders for getting rid of hiccups and therefore seems like a sensible and logical suggestion for the staff to make.

Unfortunately, the staff didn’t realize until after the woman had drunk the entire contents of the glass that the liquid inside had actually been oven cleaner.

With stories such as this, studies that claim American’s drink too much seem a little less worrying.

According to reports, the oven cleaner is kept in a small bottle next to a large bottle of vinegar and therefore was picked up by mistake.

However, despite being a genuine accident, it doesn’t explain why the layout of the restaurant’s kitchen is planned in such a way that dangerous chemicals can be mistook for condiments.

Realizing the severity of the situation, paramedics were called in and arrived at roughly 8:40 pm; they then took the woman to hospital to be treated as soon as possible.

Although we’re aware that the woman is in intensive care, there has been no further updates about the patient’s health, with a hospital spokes person actually declining to comment on the women’s condition.

Rightly so, the police and Workplace Health and Safety authorities are investigating the incident thoroughly.

The staff and owner of the establishment are doing what they can to help get to the bottom of this unfortunate incident, with restaurant owner Paul Jeynes finally speaking out about what happened:

”It’s a hard situation it is very unfortunate and we feel for the family and the woman […] It was an accident but we accept full responsibility.”

After such a shocking story coming to light, let’s hope future food businesses take more care and place the oven cleaner away from all food items.

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