China Plans To Complete The World’s Tallest Building In Three Months

Broad Sustainable Building (BSB) are the Chinese construction firm with ambitious plans to build the world’s tallest building in Changha, China. If putting up the world’s tallest skyscraper wasn’t enough, the company also plans to accomplish this task in just three months.

The current record-holder is the Burj Khalifa in Abu Dhabi, which took a gargantuan five years to complete by comparison. BSB wants to make their “Sky City” possible by spending four months prefabricating the materials off-site, then putting everything together over the course of three months on-site.

Expected to require 16,000 part time and 3,000 full time workers to complete, it’s clear that the company have set themselves a significant challenge.

Apart from being the world’s tallest building, Sky City is also a concept that greatly reduces the per capita use of land. CO2 emissions are also significantly reduced due to less vehicles ferrying people around a normal horizontal city. A resident of this type of vertical city would be using 1/100th of land compared to those in a traditional-layout city.

Getting around the world’s tallest building can be accomplished using one of the 92 elevators in the building, or by walking along the six mile long ramp running from the first to the 170th floor. The ramp itself is lined with 56 different 30 foot high courtyards used for basketball, tennis, swimming and other forms of entertainment – there’s even 930,000 square feet of interior vertical organic farms.

Claimed to be five times more energy efficient than a normal building, the Sky City uses insulated walls and triple glazing. Exterior shading reduces the need for cooling by 30 percent and the remaining thermoregulation tasks come from a co-generation plant using waste heat from power generation.

Would you want to live in a vertical city? Do you think China will be successful in completing the world’s tallest building?