Steven Seagal Dances In Russia On Diplomatic Visit [Video]

Steven Seagal, one of American cinemas greatest action heroes in the 1980s and 90s, has been building up relations between the USA and Russia during a visit to the Europe.

The 61-year-old star has been in the country for over a week, and he has mainly been staying in the Russian province of Chechnya, having flown into the capital Grozny.

Seagal has looked to get to grips with the local culture and this has not seen him partaking in a traditional dance from the region with scores of local women, each of whom were wearing native garments and headscarves.

It is thought that this dance is thousands of years old, and the watching Chechen president, Ramazan Kaydrov, looked hugely impressed by Seagal’s efforts, if not his technique.

When talking to the politician, Seagal stated, “I love the dance. This is my favourite dancing in the world. Kadyrov, through an interpreter, then remarked of his moves, “most impressive dancing.”

Kadyrov, a former rebel fighter who is a close friend and ally of Russian president Vladimir Putin, has become friendly with a number of the Hollywood elite over the last few months.

Gerard Depardieu, who moved to Russia in an attempt to escape France’s high tax rates, also performed a dance during his visit to the region in February.

Last month, Kadyrov uploaded a plethora of images with Austin Powers star Liz Hurley, which saw the pair cuddling up to kittens. Hurley was introduced to Kadyrov through Depardieu, as the pair are currently shooting a film in Chechnya.

Last week it was reported that Seagal was in talks with the Russian government to be the face of its arms campaign. This strategy was devised to allow the country to compete with the United States and other major weapons producers.

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