Axl Rose Has Fan Thrown out of Guns N' Roses Gig

Axl Rose reportedly had a Guns N' Roses fan ejected from the band's concert in Vancouver, Canada, calling the spectator a "dumb motherflipper" (or words to that effect - we're a family site).

Jam reports how the frontman screamed obscenities down his microphone at the fan, before signalling to security to throw the guy out. Though it's unknown what angered Rose so much, the punter's behavior was said to be unruly, and he was carted out of the venue after Rose had finished yelling the following at him:

"Out, motherf**ker! Out! Get the f**k out! Yeah, you! See ya, you dumb motherf**ker."
It's hard to take sides in this with so little knowledge about the incident, but I will say I've wanted plenty of concert jerks thrown out in my time (the types that leap all over everybody else while something like 'Fake Plastic Trees' is being played). Whether this guy deserved it I obviously couldn't say, but what a galling way to be thrown out of your favorite band's gig! I'm guessing those posters are coming down from the bedroom wall of this dude as we speak.

Guns N' Roses haven't always had a completely harmonious relationship with fans. In October, the band showed up two hours late to their headlining set at Brazil's 'Rock in Rio' festival. The festival organizer accused the band of disrespecting their fans.

That led to the group releasing a statement saying they'd "never seek to intentionally disrespect anyone, especially their fans".

Has anything similar ever happened at a gig you attended?

[Via Jam]