Karl Lagerfeld Wants To Marry His Cat

Fashionista Karl Lagerfeld is so in love with his cat he wants to marry her.

His gorgeous Siamese, Choupette, has gained popularity quickly and is already treated like a trophy wife more than a beloved pet.

As already reported by The Inquisitr last year, Lagerfeld’s cat is a “kept woman,” with a couple of personal maids, iPads, and her very own diary attached to her famous name. It’s no wonder Choupette has blurred the lines between pet and partner.

Normally men — or women — only spend that much money and time on their spouses, but who needs a human partner when you can have a cat that unconditionally loves you and can’t argue with you?

It’s only logical he wants to marry his cat if she’s that important to him.

Lagerfeld had this to say when talking about his dear sweet kitty cat on CNN:

“There is no marriage, yet, for human beings and animals […] I never thought that I would fall in love like this with a cat.”

That being said, cats aren’t as unconditional with their love as dogs, so maybe Lagerfeld is lining himself up for heartbreak. Cats sink in their claws pretty deep to get what they want.

Add to that the fact that beautiful, famous Choupette is only 22-months-old while Lagerfeld is 77.

Not to make age a massive issue, but he really should be aiming for a cat closer to his age.

Though it really isn’t that unusual for older men to aim their affection at a younger model, the cat part sure is but aren’t most celebrities eccentric?

Whether Lagerfeld’s unusual desire to marry his cat has you uncomfortably eyeing him with suspicion, it would seem that nothing is going to stop the fashion guru loving his cat as much as he would a wife.

At least Lagerfeld has picked a better looking cat than Tardar Sauce.

If the Lagerfeld and Choupette marriage ever goes ahead, we want an invite.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]