Children’s Drawing Of Jesus Looks Like Chuck Norris

Emma Flint - Author

Oct. 28 2016, Updated 3:49 a.m. ET

Children have drawn what can only be described as a Jesus Chuck Norris drawing. The unusual artistic take on Jesus Christ has found itself on Reddit thanks to a church music camp helper.

The new take on Jesus, while very different, is nothing compared to the mess that was made when a well meaning old woman attempted to restore a painting of Jesus Christ.

The uploaded picture shows a basic human shaped outlined filled in with colorful painted hands and footprints, beautifully offset by a ginger/brown beard and hairstyle.

The best way to describe this original drawing is to use the words of the Reddit poster who revealed this gem to the world- “A lovely idea, but all I see is Chuck Norris in Disco attire!”

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It’s one of those moments that, once it’s seen, it can never be unseen. The ginger mullet, the beard, and the facial shape are all unmistakeably similar to Chuck Norris; it makes sense that the drawing should be dubbed Jesus Chuck Norris drawing.

If someone posted the picture on a social network site and asked people who they thought was in the picture, it seems unlikely that anyone would suggest Jesus.

The only slight indication, and it really is slight, is that the Jesus Chuck Norris drawing has a techicolored coat — well it’s more like a playsuit than a coat, but that’s probably just us splitting hairs.

Although nobody expects their children to draw Jesus artwork such as seen on the likes of Jesus Art USA, the new impression of Jesus seems to take a significant step back from the usual Jesus drawings from children. Here is one fantastic example:

Having said that, can the Jesus Chuck Norris drawing really be criticized for resembling a cult status celebrity? It seems likely that the picture says more about how we perceive things, not our children.

After all, not many young children would probably even know who Chuck Norris is. Not to mention the fact that someone had to suggest it looked like Chuck Norris before it was seen as the “Jesus Chuck Norris drawing” only reaffirms the point

At least this latest Jesus picture tale hasn’t resulted in a lawsuit like at Jackson Middle School.

Jesus Chuck Norris or simply Jesus if you see no resemble one thing is very clear — these children have vibrant and interesting imaginations.

[Image via now.msn]


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