Who Will Be The Next Dr. Who?

Emma Flint

As all avid Dr. Who fans know Matt Smith is sadly leaving the show to move on to bigger better things. It feels like Christopher Eccleston all over again- at least Matt Smith gave audiences more than one series.

Even though the handkerchiefs are still at the ready questions have begun to spring up asking who the next Dr should be. Steve Moffat had this to say recently:

"Somewhere out there right now - all unknowing, just going about their business - is someone who's about to become the Doctor. A life is going to change, and Doctor Who will be born all over again!"

Debates are already rife over whether Moffat and the BBC team have already selected the new Doctor. In the secretive world of entertainment nothing would surprise fans- unknown actors, well known actors, male, female (unlikely as it is).

Although nothing concrete has been mentioned there's nothing wrong with some unashamed speculation. Everyone has certain actors that they would love to see step into Smith's shoe and run around with a sonic screwdrew.

The Inquisitr team have already addressed rumours about Ben Daniels being a potential actor in the running.

The most obvious choice would be John Hurt due to his involvement with the 50th anniversary special, however he seems a little too obvious for our liking.

Besides seeing as he's part of a 'trinity' including David Tennant and Matt Smith it seems doubtful he would become the permanent Doctor.

A more interesting and fitting candidate is Ben Whishaw. Although he's been a well established actor for over a decade 2012 proved to be his big year because of his memorable rendition of Q in Sky Fall.

Not only is Whishaw's look perfect for the Doctor his personality is too. Acting or not he oozes intelligence alongside a charming but slightly dark intensity. Two crucial elements that are perfectly suited to Dr. Who.

Another fun but slightly unusual choice would be Chris O'Dowd, who has suddenly exploded across of TV screens from The IT Crowd to Bridesmaids.

With his loveable nature and quick wit he also has qualities that suit the Doctor, that being said he is in high demand, not to mention he doesn't quite seem to have the right look for a Time Lord.

Although not every Doctor has had a sophisticated, intelligent air about them, they at least seem plausible as a time travelling alien. Chris O'Dowd however is more like the dorky guy you'd be best friends with not who you'd travel time and space with.

With 2013 well and truly under way it seems only right to have a female candidate in this actor line up. Olivia Colman is possibly one of the most popular British actors currently on TV, as emphasised by her double BAFTA win.

Her brilliant marriage of humour and serious acting is what makes her such a loveable figure; loveable but motherly she would completely reinvigorate Dr. Who.

Sadly though all we can do is keep adding more of our favourite actors to this list and hope that at least one makes the grade.

[Image via Wikimedia Commons]