'Link's Shadow' Sparks More Demand For A Feature Length 'Legend of Zelda' Movie [Video]

Emma Flint

The Legend of Zelda game franchise has had fans desperate for a feature length film for years; the epic story and in-depth characters are the perfect building blocks for any Hollywood studio. The question is: can it really be done? It would appear amateur film makers, CorridorDigital, think so and have done so in a live action portrayal of one of Link's most deadly opponents titled Link's Shadow.

Although the YouTube sensation is clearly in need of some blockbuster magic, it hasn't stopped the video earning viral status and popping up all over the Internet. It's dark and violent undertones completely alter the dynamics of the 'family friendly' game series all fans know and love.

However the darkness of the content in Link's Shadow seems to tie in perfectly when compared with Twilight Princess; not only is the story more sinister than seen in Wind Waker the graphics are as well. In fact, it seems fair to argue that the return to more realistic graphics in the Twilight Princess is more in keeping with the original game. Fans in favour of a hard hitting Legend of Zelda film had this to say:

"It didn't step far out of the tone of games like Twilight Princess or Majora's Mask as well. Hell in the first edition of Ocarina of Time the ending was more violent than that. Even the ending in Wind Waker and the tone was very dark."

Despite dividing fans, similar to how fans reacted to being restricted to a male protagonist and therefore hacked into the game to change the hero to Zelda, there seems little chance of a feature length film coming to light unless Nintendo agree to sign off on the idea. Furthermore, previously bad adaptations of games to film, such as Super Mario Bros, leave many apprehensive should Nintendo finally okay this venture.

Speculation aside Link's Shadow is still a gamers dream to watch, and is sure to trigger even more frantic messages to Nintendo demanding for a movie to be made. Lets all just hope that CorridorDigital get the option to produce the film should it ever really happen. At least until then rumours about a new Legend of Zelda game can keep fans amused.

[Image via International Digital Times]