Cat Accused Of Smuggling Cell Phone Into Russian Prison

A cat has been accused of trying to smuggle a cell phone into a Russian prison for its owner who is currently incarcerated inside the building.

Officers in the Komi region of the country have claimed that the black and white feline was seen strolling across the courtyard after climbing the fence in the complex’s number one corrective labor camp.

The cat allegedly had two cell phones, batteries, and chargers strapped to his body. A prison spokesman remarked of the incident, “The prison colony is at a loss: Nothing like this has happened in the prison’s history.”

The Republic of Komi penitentiary service department said in a statement on its website, “Two packages were taped to the animal’s back. When the packages were unwrapped, guards found objects prohibited in the penitentiary facility – two cell phones with batteries and chargers.”

The fate of the cat is currently unknown. This isn’t the first time that a feline has been used to help inmates in a Russian prison.

Last August, officers in the Rostov region of Southern Russia revealed that a cat tried to smuggle heroin into one of its facilities.

It is believed that the cat was taken out of the prison by released inmates who then carried the animal in their bags and gave him to drug dealers that were waiting outside the prison walls. The cat’s collar was then reportedly stuffed with heroin and they released the animal, who then sneaked back into the prison.

This was preceded in 2010 by a cat with heroin laced around his collar, who was killed by a jail’s dog after it attempted to smuggle heroin into Russia’s Volga Republic of Tatarstan.

Just last month three fake nuns were arrested in a failed cocaine smuggling plot in Brazil, whilst KFC was accused of smuggling meals to the Gaza strip through designated tunnels.

[Image via cynoclub/Shutterstock]