Snap it up: 50% off Borderlands on Steam this weekend

If you’re taking a break from scarfing chocolate at any point this weekend, you may want to take advantage of Steam’s latest offer: 50% off the excellent Borderlands (now without game-breaking bugs!). Jesus would approve!*

I’ve personally invested about 50 hours in this Mad Max-style post-apocalyptic shooter/RPG hybrid, so can personally recommend it – it’s got a luscious cel-shaded art style, tons to see in its massive world, and the gameplay mechanics, whether driving or shooting, are rock solid and a blast to play with.

Single-player can be dreary, so it’s far more fun if you have friends to play with. Cleverly, Steam takes account of this – while a single copy of the game is $24,99 /£14.99, you can buy a four-pack for $74.99/£44.99 for you and three chums.

* Not confirmed.

[Via VG247]