Chicago Bears are on the verge of a huge mistake

Label this story under why failing NFL organizations should fire their front office/head coaching staffs before it is too late. For every member of the Bears front office, and coaching staff what happens in 2011 does not matter anymore. They must sell out everything to win in 2010, or they are all going to get fired. With that in mind, and given the fact that for the second straight year they do not have a draft pick in the first or second rounds on the NFL draft. Now they want to trade up in the 2010 draft to select Safety Nate Allen of South Florida.

Nate projects out as a mid to late second round pick. The Bears first pick in the 2010 draft is the 11th pick of the third round. They would need to move up almost a full round to have a chance at Allen, and that is going to cost them at least their 2010 third round and their 2011 second round pick. For a team that has traded away far too many picks recently, they need to hold on to as many picks as they can.

Don’t get me wrong, trading middle to late round draft picks for players is a solid team building strategy. However the current Bears front office have proven inept at trading high round draft picks for established players. Much less trading a middle round draft pick for an unproven player. In this case it is not sound strategy, instead of looking to deal the Bears should be allowing their Scout to find them a safety prospect to draft with their draft picks already in hand.

If I owned the Bears there is no way in hell I would let this group of bumbling NFL Executives make this trade to try to save their own necks. They already deserve to be fired, why should they be allowed to trade away assets the next regime will need to rebuild the mess that they have made.

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