Kristin Chenoweth Excited to Play Villain in 'GCB'

When Kristin Chenoweth was offered the role of Charlene Cockburn on the new ABC series, "GCB," it was an offer that she just couldn't refuse.

Chenoweth said:

"I'm so excited. It's an opportunity to play a really fun villain, and not everybody gets parts like this that come along. I didn't want anyone else to play her, so I knew I had to do it."

Chenoweth plays the leader of a group of girls who were bullied by Amanda Vaughn (played by Leslie Bibb) in high school. Now that Amanda is returning to Dallas after a failed marriage, Chenoweth and her posse have to fight the urge of exact their revenge on their former bully.

Chenoweth told Tulsa World:

"Cockburn has been bullied by Amanda most of her life growing up being the ugly duckling, and I like the fact that what this show does is it sheds light on our insecurities and how faith is involved with that - and no matter if you are Christian or Jewish or Muslim, whatever your faith is - doesn't mean you are perfect... It doesn't mean you don't have battles. That doesn't mean you don't have a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. It's called humanity. I really think it's important to say, as well, because there's been a little bit of 'Is this making fun of God?'"

Chenoweth, who is known for her talent as well as her Christian faith, said that the she isn't making fun of religion.

The "GCB" star said:

"I'm a Christian person, and I would never do anything I would think is blasphemous... I do think it sheds light on - in a very funny way - how women can be, and that doesn't mean church women. It just means all women."

Are you a fan of Kristin Chenoweth? Are you going to watch "GCB?"