McKinney High School Student Banned From Graduation For Allegedly Drinking At Prom

McKinney High School student Lauren Green might have a 3.98 GPA, but that didn’t stop school officials from banning her from attending the graduation ceremony. School administrators banned the 18-year-old because they allegedly caught her and a group of friends drinking alcohol at prom.

Green was ordered to attend an alternative school for 30 days, which will make her miss her graduation ceremony this Friday. She said that the administrators didn’t allow her to take a breathalyzer to prove her innocence, so she filed a lawsuit against the McKinney Independent School District.

However, Judge Mark Rusch dismissed the lawsuit because he could only address a school punishment if the student was expelled or denied a diploma.

Mari McGowan, an attorney for the school district, said that the district has a right to limit a student’s participation in a graduation ceremony for violating the district’s code.

“The district has made sure she’s gotten all her assignments, that she’s able to complete all her courses, take her exams, complete all of her course work, and will not be harmed in any way academically,” McGowan said. “This is a function of not participating on the day of graduation.”

Green isn’t the only high school student who has been banned from attending a graduation ceremony this year. Last month, seven students from East Carter High School in Kentucky were banned from graduation for releasing 10,000 crickets into the halls.

The crickets were still found hiding in nooks several days later, so the cleanup costs were very expensive, according to Principal Larry Kiser. Many people thought the school officials overreacted including State Senator Robin Webb.

“Graduation is one of those lifetime milestones and these kids with no previous records of any sort, I think it’s a little overreaching,” he said.

Do you think Green should be allowed to attend her graduation ceremony?

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