CollegeHumor cons drooling New Yorkers into thinking we’re getting an In-n-Out burger

New Yorkers will almost never admit to LA having anything on us, despite the fact that they’ve got more access to cars, and virtually no snow and fancy parties like the Oscars. (In fact, the rivalry became so intense a while back that rappers were like, killing each other over it and stuff. Rest in peace, Biggie.)

We say we’re more like a European City. We’re tougher because we’re not spoiled and we wear 5″ heels on the subway every day, bitches, even when it’s raining ice which is like every day through mid-April. One area where this rivalry is notably absent is lusting after the West Coast chain In-n-Out Burger. New Yorkers who have done business in LA or visited New York defectors (don’t you miss the winters?) often come back lamenting the lack of In-n-Out Burgers after a long night drinking. So many early morning commuters were a bit pleased this morning to see that In-n-Out were promoting a new Manhattan location with employees and signage and excited Twitter postings. (Including the pic above.)

It didn’t take too long for In-n-Out to step in and quell the hype, though:

You may be aware of a rumor or April Fool’s Day hoax about In-N-Out Burger coming to New York City the Summer of 2010. This is not true. We are very sorry for any confusion this may have caused and have no idea how it got started. We want to make sure everyone knows that it is false. We currently operate restaurants in California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah. Thank you for your interest in In-N-Out Burger and if you’d like to find the location nearest you, please visit our locations page.

Eventually, CollegeHumor stepped in and took credit for the shenanigans. Well played, sirs.