French Mayor Who Married Gay Couple Receives Unusual Threat

The French Mayor who married a gay couple has received an unusual threat.

Gay and lesbian marriage has been a heavily debated topic for quite a while now, and the internet is rife with the movement. Religious and right-wing protesters are in a rage over the idea that several states in the US have made the institution legal between same-sex couples, but it’s not stopping them. Washington, D.C. alongside Connecticut, Delaware, Iowa, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington as well as three tribal jurisdictions, have all legalized gay marriage in the US.

In the rest of the world, about as many countries such as New Zealand, Norway, and France have also legalized the marriage of gay couples, the latter of which was actually administered by French Mayor Helene Mandroux herself, marking possibly one of the first times a major political figure performed the ceremony of joining a gay couple legally.

Of course, this didn’t go down without some backlash. Prior to the legislation, gay couples had been victims of violent crimes over the outrage.

The French Mayor Helene Mandroux has been receiving unusual threats in the form of packages and letters containing strange contents. Insults and threats have been rather commonplace, but one of said packages sent to her contained feces.

There was also a letter protesting the marriage of gay couples sent to Claude Bartolone, the head of the National Assembly, that included gunpowder in the envelope.

The protest over the marriage of gay couples has been ongoing for some time in France, but the odd packages have raised suspicions and more than a few eyebrows with their unusual contents.

The President of France himself, Francois Hollande, hasn’t been immune to the death threats and such, and it didn’t stop him from signing gay marriage into law.

Gay couples rejoice for the movement into the legalization of gay marriage around the world, even in spite of the sometimes unusual backlash.

What do you think of the French Mayor getting unusual threats after marrying a gay couple?

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