25 People Shot In 48 Hours In NYC

It was a violent couple of days in New York City this weekend as 25 people were shot in less than 48 hours.

The New York Daily News reports that the gun violence was spread out around the city. In Brooklyn, 12 people were shot over the weekend and another eight were shot in the Bronx. Four people were shot in Queens and a man was shot and killed in Manhattan.

Brooklyn resident Guy Pierre Louis, 50, said that it sounded like the Fourth of July this weekend near his home where there was a triple shooting.

Louis said: “I heard maybe 20 shots. I thought it was like the Fourth of July.”

Fox NY reports that the youngest victim of gun violence this weekend in New York was 11-year-old Tayloni Mazyck. The little girl was standing near her home when a gunman started firing at two men who were standing nearby. Mazyck survived the gunshots but her parents said that the bullet, which hit her in the neck, may have paralyzed her.

In total, six people were killed this weekend in NYC. Three were killed on Saturday while another three were shot and killed on Sunday.

CBS notes that the 25 shootings this weekend represent five percent of the 440 shootings that have already occurred this year. At this time last year, there had been 574 shootings.