‘EVE Online’ And ‘Dust 514’ Servers Back Online After DDoS Attack

The EVE Online and Dust 514 servers are back online after this weekend’s DDoS attack.

Over the weekend, the servers for the popular MMORPG EVE Online and its spinoff first-person shooter Dust 514 were attacked. Apparently someone may have been going a little too far with the orbital strikes from EVE Online, getting a lot of Dust 514 players angry and making one so miffed that they hacked into the servers and commenced with a DDoS attack.

Of course, this is just speculation for a possible motive, as we don’t know who did it or why.

What DDoS means is distributed denial-of-service. A lot of PC, Mac and PlayStation 3 gamers weren’t able to play the games after the Tranquility server, on which the games and their accompanying websites exist, was hacked into and taken down this weekend.

EVE Online is a vast online game that gives players what is basically the science-fiction and space equivalent of World of Warcraft. Dust 514 is a first-person shooter for PlayStation 3 that’s free to play and connects to EVE Online‘s universe, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. The DDoS attack exploited a vulnerability in the back end of the server, giving gamers and developers a bad weekend.

CCP Games COO Jón Hörðdal Jónasson stated in a blog:

“With the highest sense of precaution we took the decision to take Tranquility and associated websites back down for further investigation and an exhaustive scan of our entire infrastructure. What we can now confirm is that a person was able to utilize a vulnerability in one of the back-end services that support the operation of the Tranquility server. This vulnerability has now been secured and thoroughly tested.”

The Tranquility server for EVE Online and Dust 514 has been brought back online after the vulnerability was fixed and secured, meaning that gamers can now go back to whatever mayhem they were up to before the DDoS attack began. Only this time, no hacking if you please.

What do you think was behind the DDoS attack on the Tranquility server on which EVE Online and Dust 514 are hosted?