‘Amazing Spider-Man 2’ Set Photos Reveal Potential Spoilers

New set photos from Amazing Spider-Man 2 have revealed potential spoilers!

We’ve come a long way back from Sam Raimi’s attempt at the singing and dancing, but otherwise not that amazing, Spider-Man. We could blame Sony for that disaster of a film, which practically threw in about five minutes of a villain everybody wanted to see. However, Sony is still in charge of the franchise and it’s been rebooted for a more grounded approach.

Fans weren’t all pleased with Amazing Spider-Man, however, as it seemed Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) was just a cocky hipster with Edward Cullen’s hair and a skateboarding hobby that seemed to be how he discovered his powers after the infamous spider bite. Some would say the most memorable part of the whole film was the fight with the Lizard, where Stan Lee made his cameo as a librarian completely oblivious to the room being destroyed behind him.

There was also a scene where Gwen Stacy’s (Emma Stone) father was apparently killed in an attack by the Lizard. However, recent set photos have proven that perhaps he’s not dead after all.

A couple of set photos from Amazing Spider-Man 2 clearly show Denis Leary in a police uniform and looking a bit scratched up but still going strong. Captain Stacy could be back.

It’s not clear if his role may have him back from the dead or possibly in a dream sequence that Gwen Stacy or Peter Parker might have in the next film. We only know that there would be next to no reason to have him go through all of that makeup and put on the costume if he’s not even in the film.

We saw the character’s funeral in the first film, which makes us wonder if he hadn’t faked his own death, but if that was the case, why would he pick such a high-profile profession as the one he’d had before his death?

Of course, there is also the potential spoiler of pictures of Gwen Stacy in a particular outfit that matches the one she wore in the comics when she was thrown off a bridge to her death. Again, all speculation, but we could be seeing a lot of death in the Stacy family.

Questions will remain as to what these set photos mean as Amazing Spider-Man 2 continues to film in New York City.

What do you think these set photos could mean in Amazing Spider-Man 2?