Grumpy Cat Billboard Turns Beloved Meme Into Anti-Drinking PSA

Grumpy Cat has become a staple of our culture, so it was only a matter of time before his iconic scowl would be used for anti-teen drinking PSA billboards, right? Right!

Though preventing teens from using and abusing alcohol is a cause we can all get behind, there’s something inherently corny and even patronizing about Grumpy Cat’s billboard, which features Tard grimacing in absolute disapproval of your average prom-goer peer pressured into sipping a little booze on their big night.

Grumpy Cat’s stock is still rising meteorically (a movie deal is even in the works), so it makes sense that his image would be lent to various social and political groups, advertising campaigns, etc. at some point.

We’re not sure how the details of the Grumpy Cat billboard were ironed out, if at all, whether Tard’s owners even signed off on the use of his likeness, or if this is just the first of many instances where Tard’s image will be ruinedhijackedused in this fashion.

But the billboard was spotted by Redditor SirSkeezix and posted on the viral sharing site, so we at least know that it exists. What’s perhaps more interesting that the Grumpy Cat billboard itself is the way various commenters have reacted to it.

“But if Grumpy Cat doesn’t like it… …doesn’t that make drinking at prom super fun?” pointed out one user.

“I don’t think the creators of that billboard completely understand the sentiment of Grumpy Cat, he would most definitely encourage underage drinking at prom, followed by lots of driving,” opined another.


Indeed, most seem to think that Grumpy Cat’s image was clumsily applied in this case. What do you think of the Grumpy Cat billboard? Did its creators sort of miss the point of the popular Internet meme? Is Tard ruined forever because of it? Sound off!