Breaking Dawn Part 2 Full Teaser Trailer Is Here: The Twilight Saga Comes Full Circle

First seen at the midnight theater debut of The Hunger Games on March 23, today Summit Entertainment released the extended teaser trailer for Breaking Dawn Part 2 online. It’s a longer version of the shorter one shown on March 20, but now contains a bit more dialogue and a closer look at what Bella has become.

The camera opens over a vista of Forks. Then, a voice. Bella – new-born and loving it – saying “After eighteen years of being utterly ordinary, I’ve finally found that I can shine.” A shot of her hand, and that gravity-defying wedding ring, and the action cuts to a blue blur.

Timeline-wise, audiences will remember Bella wearing a blue dress when the Cullens laid her out and prepared for her re-awakening in Breaking Dawn Part 1. Clearly, Part 2 is going to pick up right where it left off.

Some of the rest of the clip will be familiar to those who watched the first brief teaser. We hear, and see, a smiling Jacob (Taylor Lautner) tell Bella, “I didn’t expect you to be so you.” Then, Edward makes an entrance.

Holding Bella’s hand, Edward tells Bella she is “so beautiful.” Then he gets specific – really specific. “We’re the same temperature now,” he whispers.

But, of course, that isn’t really what he means. That line is about the new equality Bella and Edward share. This couple are now free to love, eternally – and energetically. A close-up of Bella’s blood red eyes against appropriately dramatic music, a zoom to the title, then at the end of the clip – some in-house fun.

Bella Red Eyes

That blue blur earlier? Bella, most likely on the hunt for her first meal. The teaser ends with a shot of Mrs Cullen in full huntress mode, silently watching a deer in a forest. And from the look on her face, it doesn’t look like she wants to pet it. Fans will undoubtedly appreciate director Bill Condon‘s neat symmetry here, as this scene echoes the start of the very first film. The Twilight Saga is coming full circle.

Extended teaser trailer after the jump:

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Breaking Dawn - Part 2 hit theaters November 16